Get To Know: Coach Steve

Importantly, I realized that if my health deteriorated I was at risk of not being able to provide adequately for my family of four.


Why am I with ManUP?

Nine years ago I was beginning to feel sick. I was at significant risk of having Type 2 diabetes, and my cardiovascular risk was just as severe.  My bones and back were constantly aching and stopping me from doing things that I love – being outdoors, hiking, sailing, and spending time with my family. Importantly, I realized that if my health deteriorated I was at risk of not being able to provide adequately for my family of four.  All of these health issues and I was only 50 years old at the time. I realized it was time to make a change.

I was able to lose more than 100 pounds over the course of 2 years which removed my health risks and enabled me to regain a very active and productive lifestyle. It is very easy to drift and it can become self-defeating while trying to get healthy on your own. I ended up regaining 30 pounds and really missed the feeling of being in top shape. The desire for accountability, guidance and support brought me to ManUP as a member. After receiving the program as a gift from my daughter, I started working with my Coach, Donna, to change my mindset and get back on track.

 The coaching is really what made the difference for me. It helped me get my mind in the right frame again, and I was able to set personal goals I truly believed in. Donna challenged me and was very helpful if I ever needed someone to talk to. After having such a positive and successful experience as a ManUP member, I decided to become a coach myself to help others as they take on the same journey and experience the same struggles that I once did.


Why do I coach?

I want to help people who are going through what I went through.  I know first hand how difficult it can be to go through this life changing journey and I believe my experience can help people achieve their goals.

I spent 35 years working at a large technology firm. During my time there I mentored younger employees, but I never had a job that involved helping someone in a close, 1:1 relationship.  Becoming a coach at ManUP has allowed me to do something I’ve always wanted to do by helping others live healthier and fuller lives.


What is your coaching philosophy?

My coaching philosophy is very empathetic.  I relate to people and share my personal experience to let them know that overcoming obstacles is possible.  I try to form personal bonds and work through the program with them. I can show them it can be done by being an example – one that shows how much happier and fuller a healthy life can be.


Fun Facts:

I really enjoy being outside sailing, running, skiing, hiking and biking.  I have run 13 half marathons over the past year, biked across Maine and Tuscany, hiked across the Presidential Range in the White Mountains and sailed in New England and the Caribbean.