Tackling Training Camp: Jonathan

I saw the Training Camp guidelines, and it was like a gut check.

ManUP is broken into three phases – Training Camp, Season, Post-Season. The first phase, Training Camp, lasts two weeks and is designed to reset your metabolism and get it to start burning through fat. For many, it’s the most mentally challenging part of ManUP. Here is how one member, Jonathan, tackled Training Camp head on. 

First impression of training camp:

Once I signed up, I was excited to get going. I had heard a lot about ManUP, and it was great to finally see behind the scenes and dig into the details. Then I saw the Training Camp guidelines, and it was like a gut check. It was the first time I realized that this was going to be a commitment, and I was going to have to make lifestyle changes to stay on track.  My mind immediately went into strategy mode: How do I fuel my body six times each day? How am I going to avoid pitfalls? What behaviors am I going to have to target and modify? 

 I knew I couldn’t slow my life down – work was intense, my wife was pregnant and on top of everything we have a two-year-old to take care of. I needed to plan to make this work on my schedule, so I did a few test runs to see what worked and what didn’t. 

Biggest Obstacle:

For Training Camp, alcohol is out of play. This was probably the toughest part for me. I attend a lot of evening business meetings, and having a few drinks is just part of the deal.

How I Overcame:

I changed my schedule to only include breakfast meetings. Obviously, the idea of having drinks at 9:00 AM is a lot less tempting than at 9:00 PM. But what made this tougher is that I already committed to exercising every morning to make sure it was a top priority. In order to make both of these things happen, I was up at 5:00 AM. To succeed in Training Camp, you need to be committed to getting things done in spite of any scheduling obstacles you might face.

My Tips for Tackle Training Camp:

Be thorough and candid with the Mindset Missions. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical of them at first, but as I went through them I began to understand why they are the focus of the program. Take the time to draft your purpose statement. Really ask yourself, “Why am I here?” When the chips are down, and you’re having a tough night battling through training camp, this will be the stuff that motivates you and keeps you focused. When you join ManUP, you should be committed to doing whatever it takes to stay on track. Do not take an investment in your health lightly!

One other tactic that was essential for me was planning! If you aren’t planning your meals, you’re just planning to fail.  

Do not take an investment in your health lightly!

Where Are You Now

Training Camp is out of the way, and I’m on to the next phase of ManUP, Season. I was an All-American athlete during college, so I know what it means to be fit. I’m finally getting that hop in my step I used to have back in the day.