After Retirement, A Renewed Focus On Health - Bruce's Story

An Unlikely Start

A 71-year-old survivor of prostate cancer, Bruce already knew his health was his number one priority after retiring as a senior executive at a Fortune 500 company. Two years into retirement, he put that belief to work and began a journey to lose weight and regain some of his lost vitality so he could fully enjoy this new phase of life. 

At the time, Bruce was working with his former colleagues, now the founders of ManUP Health, as a brand-building consultant. They suggested Bruce give the program a try to gain experience with it so he could give better firsthand feedback. Unknown to Bruce, this small suggestion would take him down a path that stretched far beyond his consulting.

"I wanted to be healthy for my wife and two children," Bruce said. "I didn't want to hold them back in enjoying life to the fullest when we did things together. My wife Holly and I have a goal to experience all 59 of our National Parks in retirement, so I needed to be in much better health to do that and really enjoy our time together.”

In 2007 doctors told Bruce that he had about five years before his left knee would need to be replaced. Not wanting knee replacement surgery, Bruce was determined to fix the problem by taking control of his health. He wanted to have the energy and lack of pain that he had when he was younger. Bruce set his mind to do the ManUP program with excellence, believing nothing could stand in the way of hard work and dedication. To date, Bruce has more than reached his initial 30-pound weight loss goal, losing over 50 pounds and staying out of the operating room in the process. Bruce said, “The health I regained through ManUP saved me from getting knee replacement surgery, and has me feeling 20 years younger.”

Stepping Back In Time

“It’s like I had a deep drink from the fountain of youth as it took me back close to my prime,” he said.

Bruce, an accomplished engineer, knows everything is interconnected and that all parts need to work together in harmony to have a great experience. This knowledge made ManUP all the more appealing to him as the program's holistic approach interconnecting mind, body, and spirit all working together made intuitive sense to him, so it was easy to for him to adopt it.

He and Holly have already successfully experienced 31 of our National Parks. For Bruce, ManUP is the key to being healthier, and feeling much younger. "It's like I had a deep drink from the fountain of youth as it took me back close to my prime," he said.