Mark's Story


I was at the point in my life where I needed a program with structure to follow for my own health. Now that I’m 60 years old, I need to think about my health more than ever. Ultimately, I felt that ManUP was my last chance to do something about it.


I did have success years ago with another program, but I was not able to keep off the weight. But ManUP has caused me to completely change my lifestyle. I used to turn on the grill and open up a couple of beers to relax at night, now I'll go out and do my exercise. I remember one night, it was about 8 o’clock, I asked my wife “what do you want to do?”. We ended up taking a walk into the square for dinner, and I found that I really enjoyed taking the nighttime stroll.


It’s been really nice having my family keep me on track. I’ve been taking walks with my wife at night and even my kids have gotten involved. We were having a barbecue one weekend and one of my sons, who is very active and watches what he eats, kept asking me “can you eat this, can you do this, is this ok with the plan”. I've been a lot less likely to go off track these past two weeks because of the support.


“It really comes down to the mindset. Every week it makes you think, which makes it easier to avoid temptation.”

It really comes down to the mindset. Every week it makes you think, which makes it easier to avoid temptation. I just walk right by it now. I’m hoping that it’s going to become a lifestyle. People who just diet and exercise aren’t always successful because they eventually slack off. They don't have a whole approach to losing the weight. That's why ManUP works. This program isn’t just about one or two specific things. Instead, it takes a whole approach, which has been very valuable to me and I’ve had success with it so far. It’s just really hit the mark this time around and it’s been an honor for me to be part of it.


ManUP Health is a program designed to help men take control of their health by building a stronger metabolism and a developing a mindset focused on success.