Henry's Story

Henry's New Crossfit PR's 

Henry's New Crossfit PR's 

Life After the Military  

Henry Before ManUP

Henry Before ManUP

As a former Marine, I know what it means to be physically fit. During my service, intense training and exercise kept me in shape despite a less than nutritious diet. But after leaving the Corps, declining exercise levels, a civilian desk job, and unhealthy eating habits led to weight gain.

It’s a common trap for people in the service. No one tells you about healthy eating. Once you get out, you have to change the way you see and eat food to stay healthy.

Getting Back To My Old Self 

I recognized the need to get back in shape when I tried on some old suits for a friend’s wedding. None of them fit and I needed to buy a new one that was three sizes larger. This wake-up call showed me that I wasn’t the same person he used to be, both physically and mentally. My life was on autopilot, there was no depth to what I was doing.  It was a loop of – wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed.

Making The Jump

Realizing something needed to change, I looked for a program that would give me guidance on eating healthier and staying active and hold me accountable to following through with the plan.

Before starting ManUP Health, I would eat whatever was accessible – oftentimes junk food. Because I wasn’t eating well, I would return home from work tired or dissatisfied. That changed after starting the program. With the guidance of “plan the work and work the plan,” I started to plan my fuel intake days, sometimes even a week in advance. I also became more physically active.

As I dedicated myself to the program, my weight dropped. I was exercising more and eating more clean-burning fuels such as lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbs and vegetables. I found new activities I enjoyed – Crossfit and yoga – which gave me increased strength, endurance and flexibility.

Working Harder, Feeling Stronger  

My progress was really motivating. I regained lost confidence and ambition. I was working harder for promotions at work and making new friends, I revitalized my life. When I felt reluctant to try new things, I would ask, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Those words stuck in my head and I soon discovered that I could break out of my comfort zone and take control of my life and my health.

ManUP Health allowed me to be honest with himself. I saw the life I wanted to live and I made a plan to get there. 

ManUP Health is a program designed to help men take control of their health by building a stronger metabolism and a developing a mindset focused on success.